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Almost 4 years ago I “started” this blog with one entry and never wrote again. As I said then, that has been the story of my blogging life since after high school. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog again. But I honestly had completely forgotten about this “cooking” blog I started until my friend mentioned it to me last week. I told her I was thinking about starting a blog and she said, “I wish you had kept up with your cooking one.” Me too, girl. Me too.

So here we go again. To update: I’m married now. I’ve been married for about 3.5 years. Over the past year I’ve really slacked off in the cooking and crafting departments. We moved back to my home state, started new jobs, bought a house, and added a puppy to the mix. Needless to say, life has been a bit messy and there has been a decent amount of eating out, pizza, and beans & rice happening at my house. I’ve got a lot of goals for 2016, many of which include cooking more, spending less, keeping my house clean somehow, and writing more. I’ll probably start another blog that’s less practical. Cooking and crafting can be whimsical and fun. The only whimsy of cleaning is that brief 5 seconds after you’ve finished and before the mess returns with a vengeance. I’m still convinced cleaning fairies exist somewhere in the world and I spend a lot of time waiting on them to clean up. So I definitely wait more than that 5 seconds to start cleaning again!

The funniest thing about my first blogpost from 2012 is that I had just discovered Pinterest. I am definitely a Pinterest addict with thousands upon thousands of pins, most of which I’ve never followed through with. So here’s my chance to ORGANIZE my Pinterest and actually try some of those recipes, crafts, & cleaning strategies that I’m constantly pinning to feign productivity while I actually just binge-watch Netflix. Yeah, I’m a winner.

Two Thousand Sixteen: The year of productivity, organization, eating, Dave Ramsey-esque financial prowess, a little cleaning annnnnnd lots of blogging. I’m not even going to say “hopefully” or “fingers crossed” because it IS going to happen. And oh yeah, I started yoga-ing a lot too. I can do a freakin tripod headstand and I’m working my way to a full headstand. So be warned – lots of photos of meals, weird yoga poses, and puppies are on their way.


In an attempt to eat healthy, cook more, and keep all my tried recipes categorized in one place, I’m starting a blog!  I’ve started several blogs before in high school and college that I never really kept up with – probably because they were more like online diaries (who wants to read that?!).  However, this blog has a much more concrete purpose than past endeavors.  This blog is to help me organize my brain!  I have all these ideas for cooking, baking, and crafting, but I never seem to bring them to fruition.  Or I start several projects at once but never finish any of them.  Now that I’m engaged and planning a wedding, my brain is even more scattered but I’m more motivated to cook for my wonderful soon-to-be-hubby.  So, hopefully, if nothing else, this blog will simply be an online personal cookbook with a craft or 2 thrown in occasionally.  Whether anyone reads it or not, it will still serve its purpose.  🙂

So, let’s get started…

I’ve recently discovered Pinterest, which someone described to me as “fantasy football for women.”  That’s a pretty true statement, considering I check my pins almost as much as Travis checks his fantasy teams (which include baseball, basketball, & football).  I know I’m a bit late to the pin-wagon, but so glad I finally made it!  I’ve made 3 recipes found on Pinterest this week & they’ve all been simple, healthy, & delicious!

The easiest were these no-bake “energy bites” from Smashed Peas & Carrots.  I followed the recipe except that I used regular size chocolate chips (only because I already had them and didn’t want to spend more on minis) and I used natural peanut butter.   I’ve been using Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter for a couple years and now regular peanut butter tastes way too sweet to me.  I also wanted to keep these as healthy as possible, so I went all-naturale.

Energy Bite Ingredients

If you’re interested in natural peanut butter, make sure you check the ingredients on the label.  Some have added salt, and some use palm oil.  I prefer nothing but peanuts! I think using this for the energy bites did make it a little less sticky when making them into balls, but once refrigerated they hold together just fine. I have never used flaxseed before, but now that I have some I think I’ll try to add this into more recipes!


The recipe made about 16 bites – not counting the 2 I ate before even refrigerating them!  These are so good I will definitely make them again! I only have 4 left, so that will probably be soon!  I might try out a different nut butter – maybe even Nutella, yum!